❾❷: Disco Polka Dot

Ching did this set of simple polka dot nails for her HK trip! Half moon with angel pro gelly black base, added colourful polka dots and lined with alternate gold and silver disco… Continue reading

❾❶: Spiderweb Chandelier Nails

Gucci showed me this chandelier design and wanted me to replicate it for her, but the original picture was this design with long nails, so I had to squeeze everything onto her tiny nail bed!… Continue reading

❾❂: Rilakkuma Nails

Happy Saturday! Special thanks to Joleen who helped collect my nail stickers Ying got for me when she’s in Hong Kong, love both of them to bits! ❤ Added a few more designs to my… Continue reading

❽❾: Zoo-themed Nails

Omg I totally forgot about this post until I looked through my archives and found these pictures.. Did this set of nails for Pei Pei some time ago, for her 21st birthday! She… Continue reading

❽❽: Peter-pan & Tuxedo Nails

Did these set of fashion nails for Joanne and Liying! I’ve been seeing soooooo many manicurists doing these designs and finally I had to chance to try it out too! Liying showed me… Continue reading

❽❼: Stripes & Laces

Madeline broke 3 of her nails just before her appointment and requested for them to be extended, but all of her nails were quite short so she decided to get extensions on all… Continue reading

❽❻: Vintage Floral

Celesta came over with her friend last week to get her nails done before flying off for her overseas exchange programme! Sounds sooo fun I always wanted to go on such exchange activity… Continue reading

❽❺: Nails for Joanne Pang + 10% Discount!

And so we had our first collaboration with Joanne! It was an enjoyable session meeting this bubbly girl, we had so much fun doing her nails. Coincidentally she was my IJ senior a few years… Continue reading

❽❹ Angel Pro Tutorial: How to create checkered nail art using gel polish

Thanks to the recent technology on gel bottled polishes, we have more customers ditching normal polish and switching to gel polish! Yay to no chips! To answer some of your queries, we decided… Continue reading

❽❸: Extensions and.. locked doors

Su came over early that morning to get her nails done, she wanted to do gel overlay because gelish are not strong enough to prevent her nails from chipping, yes chip of her… Continue reading