❶: Welcome to bikini bottom

Hi guys! Welcome to our blog. We’ll be updating this space constantly (I hope) with nail designs we’ve done (: Hadn’t been writing a proper blog post since my last blog like 5 years ago.. -_-

Anyway, it was our third lesson at The Pink Room yesterday and our first practical lesson! And if you think filing was easy, no it’s not! The angle on the way of filing, the way of holding the file will affect the end result of nail shape.

Left to right: Square, square round, round, oval, pointed.

And nope it’s not boring at all! I can’t wait for our next lesson – polishing! ♥

I also do nail painting for my colleagues during lunch time almost everyday. Yesterday I did spongebob and patrick on Eugene’s nails! So cute right I know!!!! But it took me 1 full hour on it.. -_-

I have uploaded some other designs I did for my colleagues and friends on our facebook page. Do check them out and please like our page! Thank you! ♥♥♥


Kate – Nails Obsession