❸: Lesson 4 – Polishing

Setting up the table to prepare for class!

Mr peng trying to look sexay in his pink apron.He say shorter more sexay. Want to seduce who?!Me in my pink apron~!Today’s lesson is on polishing and it’s so omgly hard. It is not easy painting your nails as you’ll have to avoid the skin area, paint evenly, and your hands cannot tremble! We also learnt the correct way to hold the polish, the customer’s fingers and how to paint IN SEQUENCE. I know we all used to anyhow paint as long as it gets painted, but it’s wrong! Lol. Very hard, need to practice more!!!!!

Teacher demonstrated french mani. Her french is perfect one can sigh. T.T We’re required to do 5 nails on french and the other with polish + simple nail art for exam. Sounds easy but super hard!!!!!!!! If fail how! So stressful ):

Look at her french, it’s perfect please!

After demonstration, it’s our turn to try! Not too bad right? I can’t remember which is mine or peng’s, just look out for the best 3 = mine hahahahahaha opps! =/

Next lesson is on cuticle cutting! Stay tuned (:
Kate – Nails Obsession