❹: My hardworking bf ♥

Check out this scene. Pengs applying nail polish on Geok just now omg! Lol. He’s trying to put what he learnt into use, finally!End result = need more practice! Lol but first try for a guy not bad already right?! And that’s supposed to be french tip on the ring finger lol!Check out my new hot pink crackle nail with nude base! Nice right! I used to think that crackle is for people who can’t do freehand nail art. But it turns out to be quite nice, I love it! I’m gonna buy more colours (:

But so sad gotta remove it for cuticle cutting class tomorrow!

(There’s a tinge of blue on my thumb nail cos’ I was doing mani for my sis last night -_-)

Just did a sailormoon/aladdin/V french nails for Ching G! Very cute design but I think it’ll look better with lighter base, and works best with longer nails.. I know the sides and bottom very messy. Need more practice!

Close up. Blue base with red tips and silver flakes!Yay nail lesson tomorrow again can’t wait!!! ♥

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