❻: Flea with Mynt!

Hi guys! Hadn’t been updating this space for quite awhile due to my hectic schedule. Sigh..

Anyway, partnered with Mynt today at *Scape flea market today! Had quite a bit of customers requesting for nail art today! Happy happy! Can’t say that I dislike doing express mani without nail art (can practice more on polishing), but it’s kinda dry doing just plain mani, you know. God gave us big and long nail plates to put on polish with nail art muahaha!

First up, Peng doing mani for customer…. Not! Hahahaha. He’s just helping me to remove the old polish while I went for my toilet break. But imagine, how cool is that having a muscle man removing and applying polish for you?! Basically he’s quite alright with his polishing skills, need a bit more practice and we can start providing manicure services together! (:

Did quite a few customers today but most were just express mani without nail art or with art that I’ve done before previously, so I only took a few pictures. This cute girl was my last customer of the day, check out her long and slender fingers with super nice nail bed! My mood always lighten up when I did customers with pretty nails! She requested for a black base as she wanted something different from what she usually do. Just a very simple nail art I designed back then to complement my heart shaped nails, but it turns out just fine with black base and glitter coating! 😀

Colour: China Glaze Jet Black with China Glaze Techno as overlay

Nail art done with acrylic paint


Ching was around the corner so she dropped by to get her nails done! We call it the “mix and match nails”! The colour is soooo pretty in real, I love it! Just in time for the breast cancer awareness theme lol~

Colour: OPI Strawberry Margarita, nail art done with white acrylic paint. 
Pinky: Half-moon with polka dots

Ring: Tiny polka dots

Middle: Vertical stripes

Index: Ribbon

Thumb: Horizontal stripes with disco ball

Hello kitty french nails! Did once for sharon previously but the result was awful so I didn’t took any picture of it. Today’s attempt turn out to be quite okay! (:

Colour: China Glaze Inner Beauty + China Glaze White on White, nail art done with acrylic paintWorking in progress..

Doing red with polka dot! Very popular design (:
Lesson again yesterday and we had to do a one-feet-pedi for our partners, full set with cuticle cutting, massage, and polishing! Nail polish requirement – 3 red and 2 french. IMO, I feel that guy’s nails are the most difficult to work on.. So small how to polish?! Need to do french somemore?!

My attempt.
Peng’s attempt, on my nails. LOL at my previous nail polish, I know my nails are super yellowish, I never remove the nail polish until I find time to repaint it. (And oh I still have the below polish on, 3 red, 2 french and multi polka dots hahahahaha)Taking secret shots of my classmates!Peng doing classic pedi for me (:Our class! Nicole in the middle is our teacher for this module (: And yes Peng’s the only guy in our class, cool not??!  

Till next time! (When I find time to blog!)
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