❽: Weekly nail art

Hi guys! As I don’t really have time to blog daily or once per every nail art done, I’ll try to update at least once per week!

Here’s this week’s!

Sharon’s polka dot french nails with 3D ribbon and crystals! Changed her nail shape to oval as I think that it better complements her slender fingers (:

Another pic. Her nails are so long and pretty right??!

Adora requested for angry bird nails ever since I started offering manicure services. Saw this video from cutepolish previously so I had it replicated. Here’s how it looked like!


I thought that having one full set of angry birds on her nails would looked too heavy so I mixed it with french polka dot! Love how it softens the look and make it more wearable (:

This is my first time blogging using my iPhone, hope the alignment wouldn’t turn out to be weird!

Will blog again after my flea this Sat, stay tuned! 😀

Kate – Nails Obsession