❾: Busy like a bumble bee

Hi guys! Back from the flea market today, business was better than usual maybe due to the long weekend so I had to reject so many customers ): Very tiring day today but I had so much fun doing the nails as all my customers requested for nail art! (Yay!)

My first customer of the day, this lady requested for orange nails with french! Who says french can only be done in pink and white? Orange base is equally nice (:

Close up.

Wanzhen’s mixed fruits and mario set! She previously emailed me and requested for mario star so here it is:
Right hand: Index finger – her fat mario star, Ring finger – mario mushroom
Left hand: Index finger – Cherry, Ring finger – Strawberry. This combination is quite popular, I’ve done it quite a number of times already (:
Got Wanzhen to send me a close up pic of the star as I forgot to take picture of it..
Peipei and Benny dropped by just now and went off with pretty lacey nails!
This design works best with her type of nails, long and big nail bed, very pretty! I did this same lacey design on another customer before her with this on her thumb and pink and grey nails on her alternate fingers, but I was too absent-minded I forgot to take picture of it..
Another pic.
My favourite design of the day – orange rose on french! Had this design for quite some time but no one tried it yet, today was my first attempt and I’m surprised that it actually turned out to be so good!
My sis + friends dropped by just now and one of her friend Zoey had her nails done, here’s what I did for her – Navy base with white zebra stripes. Zebra stripes work best on lighter base and darker stripes, and not the other way round. ):
I was so upset with the result that I wanted to re-do another set for her but I didn’t had enough time cos’ I still had a long Q behind her so I charged her $2 lesser..
Angry bird & pigs set again! I think I was quite affected by the result of Zoey’s nails so this was badly done again.. So, I charge her $3 lesser too. I do not charge customers full amount if the result isn’t up to my expectation, the main purpose of me offering affordable manicure services is not to earn money for now but to practice as much as possible.
Looking at the picture here, I realized I forgot to add in brows for the animals oh gosh!
I realized I start to charge customers lesser and lesser as the day goes by lol, maybe I was overcome by fatigue of doing so many sets continuously. Did the wrong design for this customer, she wanted half moon tips curving up but I did french tips for her….. ): Don’t know what happened to me today made so many mistakes sigh.
My last 2 customers of the day! Feel so bad for making them wait so long, here’s what I did for them:
Hello kitty and cupcake nails facing up. I seldom do it this way as I like it the other way round, but there are customers who prefer it facing up! Gotta make it a habit to ask their preference before I start to prevent myself from re-doing, hehe.
This customer request for rainbow nails on her pinky and the same colour on the rest of the nails, very creative! Notice the rainbow is also facing upwards?
Loving my new phone, the pictures look as though they’re taken from a digi cam right? No! I took them using my iPhone 4S! 😀
Overall I had a very tiring day, but looking back at the pictures made me feel that it’s all worth it. Hope you ladies like your nails!! Will update on my next flea again, which is most probably in Dec as I’m quite busy in the upcoming weeks.. See ya then (:
Kate – Nails Obsession