❿: For my cousin’s wedding (:

Girls always come up with an excuse to do fanciful nails, e.g. other people’s wedding. Lol! My mom and sis booked me today so they can do pedi and have pretty toenails for my cousin’s wedding this weekend! I ended up doing full set of classic pedi for them, one reason is to remove their overgrown dead skin (so much!!!), and the other reason is to memorize the steps.. I did for my sis first before my mom, and my second try was so much smoother, practice really makes perfect~

After sticking on the flakes one-by-one for 2 toenails, I’m already complaining what a tedious design she chose, so I ended up simplifying the biggest toe by only surrounding the disco balls around the corners lol..

This was what I did for my sis:

Close up. Pearls and crystals lining the half-moon shape.

I think my mom’s the cutest ever, she kept saying she wants a simple design. In the end she chose a super tedious design from the nail magazine! -_-

Had to painstakingly add on the beads one.by.one….

Before the 3D heart, I thought it also looked quite good without the add ons.
With 3D heart and crystals.Close up. First try on 3D heart, not perfect yet but it will be better with more practice! I had so much fun doing 3D art I can’t wait for my nail art lesson to start! 😀I call it the bracelet nails (:My mom also wanted the same for her nails, but wanted it to be longer so I suggested fake tips. I’ve not learnt extension yet else I will do that for her, and it will last longer than fake tips..

Spent almost an hour on customizing the correct nail size and filing it to the correct shape. Don’t they look like toenails? Haha, my mom has got short and fat nailbed so I got to use relatively bigger tips.

Close-up. Love this design! The original design was more difficult and my skills aren’t up to that standard yet so I simplified it and it still looks good! ❤

Wanted to do my own nails but after doing their nails I’m soooooooo exhausted, will do it tomorrow or when I have the time..

Guess I wouldn’t be blogging much in the next few days as I only have 2 appointments this week and no flea market this month (so sad!!). See ya then!


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