❶❶: Finally had time to do my nails!

Hadn’t had time to do my own nails as I was sooooo busy working, studying, preparing for birthdays/weddings, doing nails for others, etc.. Last week I had a 1 week break from my schools hence I finally have time to pamper my own nails! T.T

Saw this cute snowman design from Nail Max and I just have to experiment it!  

My right nails are longer than my left thanks to Peng who filed my nails soooooo short during nail lesson.. -___-

Close up! Gotta practice more on my drawing skills, my snowflakes are so thick..

Got bored of my snowman nails after 2 days cos’ it’s not the right mood lol! So I changed it to something cuter so my nails wouldn’t look too odd against my dress when attending my cousin’s wedding.

With flash.

True colour without flash.

This design is so sweet I love it! After I posted this pic on my fb page I got 3 requests for it already hehe! ♥

I always wanted to do something that’s Victorian style so I did this for Litian’s wedding nails. The original was from Cynful nails but I modified it here and there and voila!

 Anyway I realized these pictures are unable show the shiny-ness of the original, it’s super blingy in real! ):

Will blog again soon! Till then (:


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