❶❷: Yixin’s 3D butterfly ribbon

Helped Yixin did 3D ribbon and french polka dot for her! I find that french polka dot matches everything, it helps to soften the whole set of nails and add in a tinge of sweetness to it (:

I forgot to bring my crystals so I only helped her with the ribbon that day LOL.Added them in the next day for her! If you notice, the 3D ribbon on her index finger dropped and I had them replace with crystal ribbon cos’ I didn’t bring my 3D nail art stuffs that day.. But it didn’t cover up everything though ):

Anyway I just helped Litian did a set of bridal nails this morning! So happy hehe, will be doing for the rest of the “sister gang” later tonight, so excited 😀

Will update again after her wedding tomorrow, till then!


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