❶❼: Sitex 2011

Popped over to Sitex @ Singapore Expo on Friday and managed to get some cheap loots!! Me is a happy girl now!

Bought this 2-in-1 pink light and lamp usb device at only $5!!! Although I really like my old lamp, it’s too hard to manage as there isn’t any stand for it to support the weight.. Now I can use this at flea market for the customer and my other mini fan for myself hehehe.

Also bought a plain hard cover at $2 muahahaha. Decided that I have too much nail accessories so I thought why not use customize into a one-and-only-iPhone-cover for myself! 😀Okay, I played cheat. I realized that using normal nail crystals will take ages to finish the whole thing, so I used some bigger phone accessories instead. Lol.Shaping the border first..After that, start customizing!End product! (After 3 hours…)
Purposely left gaps in between the crystals/pearls to save time and energy, if not it will take me another 3 hours to complete this! -__-

I love my iPhone now! ♥


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