❶❾: Smurfs Nail Art

It was a lazy Sunday so I was finally willing to start on Smurfs nails after much procrastination, lol! Had a few requests for Smurfs nails but I’ve always been too busy (excuse hahaha) so I ignored those requests until recently my cuzzie told me that she wants Smurfs nails for my bro’s wedding!

 Tried out 1 smurf before deciding if I should continue doing 10.. The result turn out to be not bad, so I continued on!Tried googling for Smurfs nail art and most of them were so complicated that I think I would die drawing them after 10 fingernails! In the end, I found SimplyRin’s blog with one of the easiest to draw on (IMO) smurfs nails art~

Drew out the outline of the characters first.
And then fill them in with colours~After drawing in the details and 4 hours later.. Viola!Okay, I couldn’t name the characters cos’ I’ve never watched Smurfs before except playing the Smurfs game once on facebook? And I’m too lazy to google for the characters individually, you Smurfs-fans should know?!For the right hand.For the left hand. Okay I only know one character with the red hat = Papa Smurf! I’m so upset that it was damaged!!!!! I was so careless when taking photo of it that my hand accidentally smudged the freshly coated nail. T.TThis set is not available at flea market as it is too time-consuming… Am willing to take in appointment at my home though, price is also not decided yet. Lol, my brain stop thinking after drawing these little monsters! -_-“

Oh yea I forgot to mention, background colour is from China glaze For Audrey. Nail art done with acrylic paint. (:


Kate – Nail Obsession