❷❷: Catrina’s wedding

I really enjoy doing bridal nails! There’re so many different beautiful design for bridal sets, it can be elegant, classy, wild, etc etc. This time round, it’s for my own family – my bro and his gf (now my sis-in-law!) Their wedding is on their 100th monthsary, so very sweet! ♥

Did a very simple french pedi with crystal lining for her (:

Before!After 😀Without flash.Did slanted french with silver glitter stripes and white lace sticker, ribbon and crystals! Design inspired by Cynful Nails again hehe.

Close-up.Did smurfs with dollywink nails for my cuzzie! Luckily she only wanted to do it on 2 nails, I think I would die drawing on all 10.. -_- Furthermore she gotta remove it 2 days later (she’s a nurse and SG nurses are not allowed to have on nail polish), I think I will be sadder than her when she removed them! =/

With flash! *bling bling*Close up of the smurfs 😀My aunty’s simple half-moon glitter nails.Close-up.Lastly, did a set of nails full of beads and crystals for my other sis-in-law! Very bridal-ish set that is too blingy! 😀

Sorry in the lack of updates as I was so busy with my bro’s wedding and preparing for my upcoming exam! Will update again soon (:


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