❷❸: Moustache Nails

Kairu showed me a picture she saw from cutepolish and requested for this set of moustache nails! Very very cute set of nails which suit her very much (:

I thought drawing this set of nail art was as easy as it looks but I was wrong! I’m a rightie so drawing the left moustache was harder for me, hence some of it looks unequal opps! =/

Here are the pictures~Close-up.I used 2 coats of nude colour from China Glaze (Inner Beauty). Nope, I did not draw on any french tips, the white tips you see here are her natural free edge after 2 coats of Inner Beauty. Works best with healthy looking pink nails else the yellow stains will still be seen with 2 coats, which may require a 3rd coat..

Will update again, bye! 😀


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