❷❻: Rilakkuma day at *Scape flea

It’s back to flea market again with Mynt after sooo long! Happy happy~ My sis recently tried out a few Rilakkuma designs and I had them added into my designs. Guess what? I did Rilakkuma design 4 times in a row that day..

Here are the pictures:

Full set half rilakkuma design.Close up!Another customer who only want it on 1 nail!
Close-up. Cute right!Next customer wants a full rilakkuma on both thumb~

FYI, the base was painted by PS. I think he needs a little more practice and he can start offering services at flea with me! (:

Close-up. Not very well taken picture cos’ the colour was too dark..Previously I did a set of nude moustache nails for Kairu here, this customer requested for moustache nails with blue base. Looks great too!
Sky nail set for this customer with rainbow and clouds. Had no idea why I used acrylic paint to draw the clouds, hence resulting in the bump. I wasn’t thinking that day -_-

My next customer saw this set and requested for the same set as well! Hehe.

This set of super long and nice nails belongs to Gwen! Super super nice nails which is suitable for any design~

She actually wanted lace nails but I screwed up the lace as the lace colour don’t suit the base so we decided to add on crystals to cover it up.

And viola! 

Her nails are super long and nice but unfortunately 2 of her middle nails broke hence it looks a bit unbalanced..

Overall, I had a fun day partnering with Mynt painting nails and gossiping (Opps!). 😀

Since my overseas trip has been cancelled, and I have free time on Christmas Eve, I’m still considering if I should take up a booth then. Hmmmm.. And also, I’m starting to receive appointment emails for CNY hence I will be releasing the available slots for CNY booking!

IMPT: Please note that our rates for per nail art will be increased to $1/nail, $0.50/nail and $0.70/nail will no longer be available. I have also indicated the prices for different nail designs on our facebook page here for easier reference. Prices stated are only for nail art set, please add on $5 for express manicure, $12 for classic manicure, $33 for gelish manicure.

Next post will be on Joleen’s bridal nails. Stay tuned (:


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