❷❽: Simple set!

Did 2 very simple set of nails for Adora and Candy yesterday~

Firstly, I helped Adora did a set of polka dot nails which I managed to complete within 25 minutes. Fast and furious yay! Polka dots are loved! Whenever I’m lazy to do new designs on my nails, I’ll always add on polka dot to brighten up the mood of my nails hehe 😀Next I helped Candy with french and stick-on flowers. She wanted 3D ribbon but I misplaced my brush (going to clean up my work place it has gotta be somewhere! -_-) so we changed to something else. Flower stickers with polka dot and crystal lining on alternate fingers.Close-up.With flash.

I’m so in love her nails now, something sweet yet elegant, suits her so much! 😀


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