❸✪: Christmas Nails

Christmas is my favourite season of the year! I love the atmosphere and the people you spent with and the gift exchange etc etc. How I wish that Singapore would snow, that’ll make my Christmas perfect! (:

Valerie came over just now to PS’s to remove her 1-month old Gelish and replaced it with this candy-looking christmas set! Pink and green nails for Christmas yay! 😀
Close-up. She requested for a slanted french in pink and green on alternate fingers, added with stripes and flakes! So shiny!
With flash.Later at night we went over to Litian’s place as the boys wanna watch 12 men chasing over 1 ball -_- I’m not a soccer fan so I helped Litian with her nails! Actually she wanted Santa Claus nails but I didn’t have nude polish hence we gave up that idea ): So we had them replaced to reindeer.


Reindeer on the thumb, snowman on ring finger and snowflakes on the rest. The white tips are sponged on using the same techniques from my last post – Galaxy nails.With flash! Sigh my snowflakes look kinda weird, need more practice!Okay, this is supposed to be a reindeer. But I didn’t bring my lighter brown polish so I used this colour and it turned out to look like a pig LOL -_-

That’s all! Will be posting more Christmas designs in the next few days. Stay tuned 😀


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