❷❾: Galaxy Nails

Went over to PS’s just now and helped Gucci did this set of gorgeous galaxy nails! Again, I have another request from cutepolish’s! I believe you girls will find some of the nails I did familiar as I have no idea why my friends always chose designs from cutepolish =/

Close up.

Aren’t they pretty?! I’ve always been wanting to try this design after I saw the video tutorial on cutepolish but hadn’t been able to do so as I didn’t have sponge… Hahaha. It’s super easy and quick, click here for the video tutorial. I tried makeup sponge and it didn’t work for me, somehow the sponge stick onto the polish?! In the end I used some cheap (dish-washing) sponge and it worked perfectly fine! Quick, grab your polish and sponge and give it a try now! 😀


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