❸❶: Animal & Mixed Set

Kim requested for Chip n Dale nails on her thumb and allowed me to do anything else for her other fingernails. Since Chip n Dale is of nude brown shade, I suggested to add on Domo and Rilakkuma on the alternate nails!

Here are the pictures:

Thumb – Chip n Dale

Index – Rilakkuma

Ring – Domokun
Close up!Close up of the Chip n Dale. Lol not very well done, it don’t look like Chip n Dale.. -_-Next up helped Regina did this random nail set as she couldn’t decide on 1 design hahahaha.

Thumb: Polka dot ribbon

Index: Red spider

Middle: Spider web

Ring: French polka ribbon

Pinky: LaceEven though it’s a mixed set, notice that this theme is in black and red! (:
Close-up.With flash.


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