❸❺: Happy 2012! ♥

2011 will be ending in 3 days!!!!!!! Time zoomed by so fast, have you achieve what you wanted in this year? For me, I think it’s a fruitful year as I achieved most of my goals I set for myself last year, some very important aims that I achieved this year: completion of my business course, start of my long-anticipated nail course, offering manicure services.

My previous year 2010 was horrible, aimless, jobless, and everything unlucky. In the end, I realized that one has to have 1 or more specific goals to get work done!

Tip: Follow your heart (:

So, start setting your goals for 2012 now!

I thought that my previous green nails were so not new year mood so I changed them out into something that suit the season! So I got myself black and glittery nails! 😀

Very simple black glitter gradient with cystals lining up to form 2012. Hehe ☺
With flash.Without flash.Close up!Close up of my ring finger. It’s supposed to read 2012, but unfortunately my nails are too short to contain the full size 2012 hence it looks like 20 to the power of 12 -_- (If you noticed, I filed my nails to square round instead!)After changing my nail shape, I feel like changing it to oval shape again. Sigh, I just can’t make up my mind. -_-

Btw, I have added in a CNY Booking tab for CNY nails. Did not release the slots to public as my Fri and Sat (20th and 21st) slots are full =/ You can still opt to for the previous Sat’s slot if you want to have your nails done by me though (: Don’t worry about having chipped nails before CNY, you can always opt for gelish! 😀


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