❸❹: Harmony Gelish!

This is a delayed post as I only wanted to blog about it properly after I added in the new colours! Heheh 😀

So, I finally invested in gel polish after much consideration! Kept procrastinating as I wasn’t willing to spend so much on my polishes yet. However, I’ve been receiving requests and positive feedbacks on gelish hence I finally made up my mind to purchase my first set! Bought only 17 colours + 5 from my classmate Haidey. In total, there’re 22 colours of gelish for you ladies to choose from! This is my first try, will definitely be getting more colours in future!

Artistic Colour Gloss is also another brand of gel polish, only bought 3 to try out. Will definitely be getting more of them as it’s works exactly the same as Harmony Gelish. 😀 Somehow I feel that there’re more colour variety from this brand compared to Harmony brand, hmmm O:Oh, I also bought 3 bottles of 1Q32 from my school to try out too. As I realized there isn’t as many colour choices available from Harmony as I expected.So, here are the colours available for now! ♥ Don’t worry, I tried them out and I really love gel polish, will definitely be getting more!

(Have not added in the new colours as I’m too lazy lol -_-)

Also bought a traditional UV lamp for curing gel polish! FYI, gel polishes will only dry while curing under a UV or LED lamp. From what I know, you gotta cure for 2 minutes under UV lamp while only 30 seconds if it’s cured under a LED lamp! So tempting, but it’s way over budget so I decided to purchase a UV lamp for a start (:

My first try on gelish! Looks cool right?! 😀End result! I know the colour is different from what you see above as I changed my nails the next day. Lol, I didn’t like the result of my previous set~I wanted something simple, so I decided to go back to my favourite design – Dollywink nails  in green.Close-up!I love my long nails. Happy me. Hehe.Testing out on the clarity of the crystals. For my left hand, I put a layer of top coat over the crystals and it dulled down immediately. ): Okay I know it’s not really obvious on photo. -_-

As I mentioned, this is a delayed post and I have already removed this set and changed to another new year set! Next post will be on my new year nails! Hehe 😀

(FYI, when I removed my gelish it was already 1-2 weeks plus and there’s no chipped at all! Do note that I also offer manicure services so I get polishes stained on my nails when I’m not careful. When that happens, I used an acetone-free remover to remove these stains and it will look as good as new again! I’m a happy girl now :D)


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