❸❾: Gradient Nails

Today is gradient nail day! Helped Candy and my sissy did gradient design 😀

Over bling-ed as I add in a lotttttt of glitter and glitter flakes LOL.

Oh and btw this is express, not gelish.

So nice!
With flashClose-up.

After much persuasion (since Day 1 I bought gelish), my sis finally agreed to have on gelish nails! Woot! She wanted something blingy and shiny so I helped her with a simple white gelish gradient with crystals.

Here are the pictures:

Before I added on the crystals!
Doesn’t it look very sweet and classy? Simple snowy gradient I ❤ it!!

But she wanted something loud and shiny so we add on crystals! 😀

 Which one do you prefer? Before or after the crystals? I like both sets as it’s super super shiny in real but personally I prefer it before crystals! It already look super shiny before the crystals as I added humongous amount of glitter and glitter flakes muahahahaha. ❤


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