❹❍: V leopard Nails

Few weeks back I went to the flea market with Ching and Mynt and she saw this design Mynt offered then. From then she’s been wanting to do this design but was waiting for an appropriate occasion. Our boss invited us to her son’s wedding, and there! She got her excuse to try this design! Remember what I said before about girls finding excuse to do their nails for other people’s wedding? Hahahahaha.

Doing the full set will make her nails look too overloaded, so she only wanted them on her ring and index finger, the rest of her nails are just slanted french 😀

With flash the colour looks so fushia!Close up!

I reallyyyyyyyy love this shade of pink!!! Mega loves! 😀

Did a quick set for Adora again! Just simple polka dot with a nude base (:

Just bought a supersupersupersuperrrr cheap shelf to store my polishes!! Will blog about it soon 😀


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