❹❷: Our Work Place

Finally decided to purchase a decent shelving unit to store all my polishes! Okay, I don’t have a wide range like the other manicurists yet as I just started a few months back and also due to space limit.. However, my little assets here are sufficient to re-create whatever nail design you saw on our facebook page here. (:

Here is PS working hard helping me to assemble the parts. He helped to hand carry all the way from IKEA Pasir Ris and painstakingly took a bus home.. ❤

45 minutes later..
2 hours later.. LOL I know I took too long. But I was busy clearing whatever was in my old box and had to decide and re-position everything to fit in the shelf! So neat now hehe! 😀

My full collection of OPI/China Glaze polishes for now. Don’t worry I will definitely be expanding them!The acrylic paints and stripper polishes for nail art drawing.Gelish, will also be expanding this meager collection slowly (:

For ladies who are getting your nails done by us for CNY, please take note the below:

1. Please come on time as we have allocated just enough time for each person. If you’re late, type of service may be downgraded so as to start promptly for the next customer. (E.g. Gelish Manicure -> Express Manicure, Classic Manicure -> Express Manicure, Classic Pedicure -> Express Pedicure, with nail art -> no nail art or simpler nail art, etc)

2. All manicures and nail art will be done by me and pedicures will be done by PS, he will also assist me with cuticle cleaning if he’s not doing pedicure.

3. We’ll be doing dry pushing (of cuticles) for Gelish services to prevent fungus growth.

3. Please come with empty nails, i.e. no polish, no gel.

4. Massage service for Gelish will be removed, this service will resume after CNY period.

5. Surcharge is $5/person, but if you’re coming with a friend, this surcharge will be waived.

Feel free to contact us at 97126428 or pm us on our facebook here if you have any further enquiries.


Kate – Nails Obsession