❹❸: CNY 1

Started our first day for CNY appointment yesterday! Scroll down for more pictures (:

Celesta and her mom were our first 2 customers of the day! 😀 She chose the ribbon polka dot design with blue and green base on alternate fingers. These are my new colours from AnGel Pro which I purchased on the day before! ♬

With flash.Without flash, colour true to this picture.
Her mom wanted something simple so she had on red gradient nails! With flash.Close-up.Eulindra initially wanted the set which did for Candy the other time round, but fearing that it may drop off before CNY, I drew on flowers for her instead!
Close-up.Natalie requested for boooomz zebra “preens”! Hot red gel polish from AnGel Pro again! Muahahaha luckily I bought these colours 😀With flash. The lighting at my house is really bad -_- Couldn’t capture the colour properly   zzz

Next up helped Garry’s sister (omg sorry I forgot to catch your name!) with this set of Rilakkuma nail! She’s a super Rilakkuma fan so she requested to add in Rilakkuma on her thumb and simple polka dot french on the rest of her nails (:Hi mama and baby Rilakkuma! ❤

The above are all done in Gelish (Harmony and AnGel Pro brand). Check out the prices on our facebook page here!


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