❹❺: The Pink & Red CNY – Final

So, I finally had time to sit down and blog properly with the CNY nails pictures because I’m on MC today OPPS HEHE. My lips are swollen thanks to too much fried food and sweeten drinks I gobbled down in BKK a few days back, sigh. Actually wanted to post the picture of my lips but at a second thought I think it’s gonna look too disturbing on my nail blog lol.

➀: Gradient nails

Most popular design for this CNY, or rather for gelish nails, as the growth wouldn’t look too obvious with this gradient effect after a few days or weeks.

Note: Some of the designs are repeated and the reason I posted them up is because I couldn’t resist taking pictures of these beautiful colours! 

☑ Litian’s gelish manicure☑ Her mom’s gelish manicure☑Jocelyn’s express manicure☑ Fadilla’s gelish manicure – In blue because I convinced her to do some other colours other than red as I’ve been doing red gradient nails for the umpteenth time on that day. Hahaha.

I decided to separate the pictures into red and pink group as 95% of the nails I did were in these 2 colours! =/

The Pink Nails ❤

➁: Sharon’s french flower nails

☑ Type: Express Mani – OPI Princess Rule
☑ Nail art done with: OPI polish & Orly french tip polish

➂: V-french lace nails – I actually had on a similar set and this customer saw mine and requested for it! But unfortunately I didn’t had enough lace sticker to do the same as mine so we substituted it with another sticker lace (:

☑ Type: Classic Gelish Manicure – AnGel Pro Gelly Polish number 23 (Either there is no name for the colour or I couldn’t find it)
☑ Nail art done with: Harmony Gelish

➃: Leopard french nails

☑ Type: Classic Gelish Manicure – AnGel Pro Gelly Polish 23
☑ Nail art done with: Harmony Gelish & silver striper polish for french tip, OPI polish & acrylic paint for leopard print

➄: Pink panther nails! Very pretty and subtle set requested by this customer who showed me Xiaxue’s nails~

☑ Type: Express Manicure – China Glaze Something Sweet
☑ Nail art done with: OPI polish. I didn’t have acrylic paint in brown so I drew on the outline using brown polish. Don’t really like drawing with polish as it dries up way too fast, but luckily it’s not detailed drawing (:

➅: 2D Dollywink Nails – Her nails are so short that I only managed to add on a maximum of 2 tiny dots vertically!

☑ Type: Classic Gelish Manicure – 1Q32 P33 (Can’t seem to find the colour name for this brand as well)
☑ Nail art done with: acrylic paint

➆: Dollywink nails! My favourite design hehe ❤

☑ Aik Leng’s
☑ Type: Classic Manicure – OPI Strawberry Margarita
☑ Nail art done with: acrylic paint & rhinestone

☑ Yixin’s – I love doing Dollywink nails on long nails like hers!
☑ Type: Classic Gelish Manicure – Harmony Make A Difference
☑ Nail art done with: acrylic paint & rhinestone

The Red Nails ❤

➇: Candy’s glitter tip nails

☑ Type: Express Manicure – OPI (Her polish so i can’t remb the name)
☑ Nail art done with: OPI Crown Me Already (I super love this glitter colour!)

➈: Ching’s lion dance nails – Also did an acrylic tip overlay extension for one of her thumb cos’ her nail broke! Not providing full set of acrylic service yet, will only be doing so when I’m good enough!

☑ Type: Classic Gelish Manicure – AnGel Pro number 22
☑ Nail art done with: Glitter flakes

➉: Ribbon polka nails!

☑ Type: Classic Gelish Manicure – AGC Glisten & AnGel Pro 22
☑ Nail art done with: acrylic paint and white polish

➀➀: Adora’s flowery nails – super love this design she chose from Nail Max! Replaced the polka dots with glitter flakes. Not easy to re-create but it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I completed it 😀

☑ Type: Classic Gelish Manicure – ACG Glisten & Harmony Sleek White & AnGel Pro number 22
☑ Nail art done with: acrylic paint

I hated this diamond-shaped flower. Gotta practice more on it! 

➀➁: Kairu’s SIA nails – She couldn’t do anything else other than red nails due to her job requirement. Just feel like posting the pictures of her nails cos’ I missed painting her super pretty nails! She was my loyal customer who changed her nails once/week until she accepted her new air stewardess job! ):

☑ Type: Red Express Manicure – OPI Big Apple Red

Lastly, I shall end this post with a picture of my traumatizing sudden flash flood experience in BKK and my crazy loots.

P/S: Bought too much nail products so I decided to sell some of them off, will be putting up a sales tab soon! Stay tuned! 😀


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