❹❻: Sweet Valentine & The Cutest Lil’ Thing ♪

Even though I have quite a few range of OPI/China Glaze/Gelish colours, I didn’t have the chance of using all of them cos’ I’ll ended up painting the same colours I like! (i.e. Pink, blue, dark pink, baby pink, green blue, pink again, nude, pink, pink, purple, pink and pink and different shades of pink again lol)

So, I decided to go purple. Yes I know it looks pink but it’s a lavender shade! This is already one of the more purple-ly colour out of my pink range hmm..

Anyway, this design was inspired by Rins (again!), her designs are awesome! She’s really good at making simple yet intriguing designs, do check out her blog here! ❤

Pictures of my new Valentine nails:
☑ Gelish Manicure – AnGel Pro
☑ Nail art done with: acrylic paint & a coat of glitter to add shine to my nails!

(If you realize, my left and right nails are usually different, right nails tend to be simpler as I’m a rightie and I couldn’t draw well using my left sigh)

So, I attempted to take picture of my nails with my sis’s birthday present – yes her friends bought her a Pudding, so good right?! But it was kinda failblog cos’ the hammy couldn’t stay still!!

Attempt 1Attempt 2Attempt 3 – Totally fail can’t even see the hammy?!Attempt 4

Attempt 5 and I think I almost crushed it to deathClose up of the crushed hammy hahahahaOkay I’m too lazy to continue listing lolThis hammy finally stayed still after we fed him some food!
So cute 😀And so, I gave up my plan of “the artistic shot of hammy and my nails”. Cute right???!!!!!!Opps side-tracked a lil’ as I couldn’t resist sharing the pics of this cutesy pie to all of u!

Till next post!


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