❹❽: Embossed Ribbon Nails

Did nails for Regina on Sunday and it took her 1 classic manicure + 1 classic pedicure to decide on the design she want! She ended up choosing this design from Nail Max 2012 Feb series. Modified quite a bit though! The design on her pinky and ring fingers were supposed to have random beads around but IMO they wouldn’t last long so we had it changed to double french! And as I still couldn’t do embossed flower yet, we had it changed to the only embossed ribbon I can do.. Lol. Thankfully I have understanding customers (with pretty and long nails) like her who let me do anything on her nails!

Oh and, there’re 2 hidden acrylic overlay on her right thumb and index nails to cover her chipped nails! I hope it don’t look obvious! =/With flash!I really love this design on her nails! ❤Close-up!

Kate – Nails Obsession