❺✪: Extravagant Leopard!

Did this set of super loud leopard print nails for Angeline on Fri! I’ve been doing too many leopard nails so we decided to change the design so it wouldn’t look too boring. Also, she wanted some rhinestone on it and it would appear kinda weird if I had them placed randomly around the prints.

So, we decided on: –

Thumb: Full leopard
Index: V leopard with rhinestones & pearls
Middle: Half moon leopard with rhinestone and heart
Ring: Full leopard
Pinky: Half leopard with rhinestone & pearls


With flash.Close-up.☑ Express Manicure – Base OPI Glitzerland & OPI Samoan Sand
☑ Nail art done with: Prints with OPI Samoan Sand, black outline with acrylic paint, with rhinestones & pearls

Hadn’t been creating new designs and my customers have been choosing from my old template since god knows when! (Thanks to procrastination) So sorry girls -_- So I finally sat down one night and created some new designs!

Some of the designs below are inspired from Nail Max Feb 2012 (my favourite nail mag!!) They have really great designs and each edition caters to suit the nail season, that’s why I absolutely ♥ picking designs from this magazine and do a slight modification on my own.

From left to right:

  • Full Marbling with gold lining at tip
  • Mixed Marbling
  • French Marbling (Finally playing with marbling after I found out how easy to do with amazing results!)
  • Leopard in heart with gold border
  • Leopard heart (my fav among all! Wild yet girly at the same time)
  • Half Chandelier
  • Flower (Gonna re-do, this is so ugly)
  • Double Heart
  • Love’s in the air
  • Sponged cat with heart balloon

Here’s a close-up.

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P/S: I hate that vignetting effect, just playing around with my editor and realized the photos looked too dark after I posted them and I’m too lazy to re-edit lol.

Kate – Nails Obsession