❺❻: Items for sale

Hi ladies, we’ve added a new “Items for sales” tab! Do check out the link here for the available products! For nail rhinestones, be rest assured that these are good quality rhinestones that are acceptable-ly shiny which we used for our usual nail art and not cheap plastic ones that don’t shine at all. However, do keep in mind that these are not Swarovski rhinestones so they aren’t ultra shiny. IMO, this shine is good for me and my customers so I’m still using them. (:

Other than accessorizing your nails with these rhinestones, they can also be used to add blings to other items such as phone/laptop/ibanking devices etc.. See below for my DIY iPhone casing! (Flat-back pearls not ready yet so we’ve not added them into the sales but will be adding them in soon)

To purchase an item, kindly email us your orders at nailsobsessions@gmail.com and not via SMS. Check them out now!


Thank you.

Kate – Nail Obsession