❺❼: Glitter lace nails

Shirley was one of the 3 lucky winners during our free gelish giveaway to celebrate our 500 facebook likes! However she stays in the west and is inconvenient for her to come all the way to my place (at Tampines) to redeem it so she has kindly gave up her chance to another friend of hers who stays in the east!

So, Iris popped by on Sunday and chose this design so that it matches her dress for a wedding later this week! (:
With flash (blurry at the sides thanks to my fluffy iPhone casing sigh)Ended up using Iris’s iPhone flash to help show the true colour of this gelish! Sweet isn’t it?Close up.
I prefer the laces before we added in the glitter, but Iris prefer the aftermath. How about u? (:

Kate – Nails Obsession