❻❹: Ribbon on leopard

Super delayed post, did this design for over a month but I didn’t have time to sit down and blog properly. Was so busy with work, school, and everything else…..

Aik Leng and friend decided on the same design but in different colour! Aik Leng chose a sweet pink colour while her friend went for paddle pop colours!

Did leopard designs on french, added 2 embossed ribbon on the index and ring fingernails and rhinestones + pearls on the rest!

Base done with Harmony Vegas Night with french tip using AnGel Pro gelly no 7, nail art done with gelly polishes so that the art will last longer!

Close up!

Her friend chose the same colours I did previously for my sis-in-law, with the same designs as Aik Leng’s.

Base and tip done with AnGel Pro Gelly no 9 & 25, art also done with gelly polishes.

Same design different colours, which one do you prefer? (:

Kate – Nails Obsession