❻❺: Candylicious nails

I always enjoy doing nails for Sharon because out of all my customers, she has the prettiest nails ever. By prettiest, I mean from her long and slender hands/fingers to her perfect c-curve nails. All of her nails are perfectly c-curved, she doesn’t even need nail extensions to create fake curves~ Where to get this kind of nails?!

Unfortunately not everyone can pull off any design off the nail magazines or from internet, but for Sharon, even the simplest design would look ravished and dazzling for her! I always feel a sense of accomplishment upon completion as the result usually looks even better than the original design. Hahahaha. I’m always choosing sweet and pink looking designs for her, this time too without exception! She likes her toe and fingernails matching so I did similar design for her (:

Yes these are her real nails (except her left middle fingernail which I did a very failed acrylic overlay -_-)

For her hands, we’ve chosen a design out of Nail Bible. Stripe nails on her ring and middle finger and stripe french on the rest of her nails. This set of nails are done using Harmony breast cancer awareness set (the 2 lighter shades), nail art also done in gel so it will last longer.

I added heart pearls for her lined with round pearls, topped off with gel top coat before adding the rhinestone. Didn’t like adding top coat over rhinestones as it loses shine after that, but I’ve been receiving feedback that the rhinestones tend to drop quite easily after awhile. ): I guess I need to start buying better quality rhinestones so it will still remain shiny after I topped it off with gel top coat.

Close up. The original picture for the middle and ring finger was a lil’ semi-circle for the ring and middle finger but I thought why not have max out the cute and sweetness by replacing it with a semi-heart. What do I mean? Refer to the next 3 pictures (:

The empty spaces create a complete heart by putting the 2 fingers together! I’m loving it! 😀

Did a matching french stripe nails for her toenails. Rhinestones for the big toe and silver lining for the rest.

Close up. Base done with OPI Got A Date To-Knight + Orly white french tip, nail art done with pink acrylic paint. Again, I added top coat top first before the rhinestones to maintain shine. Ironically, the pearls last longer on nail polish than on gel polishes. I guess the smooth surface on gel polish is the culprit to the dropping rhinestones.. ):

I still think that the pictures don’t do justice to the real set. The real set is super romantic and sweet~!