❼✪: Bridal Nail Set

Did this set of lacy nails for Jingli for her upcoming wedding photoshoot! Very simple and elegant sticker lace with pink and white base. ♡ Base colours used are ACG glisten and Harmony’s Sleek White. ACG Glisten is one of my popular colour bcos’ it’s sooo super natural looking!

Interestingly, she requested for this design after reading my post on “What are nail extensions/overlay/infills?” Yes I only had 1 nail with that design and the main point wasn’t even about the nail art hehe! She wanted a smaller lace as her nail bed is smaller, and didn’t want the sticker lace to cover up a big portion of her nail, so here’s what she chose from my other available lace stickers (:

Applied nail glue before adding the lace sticker and sealed with 2 super thick gel top coat so that the stickers will stay on until her 2nd shoot next week!!

And oh I also did one acrylic nail extension for her bcos’ it chipped! Can’t remember which nail, I think it was the middle nail on her right hand.

Close-up. Super in love with the sticker lace~ 

Did quite a few set of bridal nails and realizes that brides like simple and clean nails for their wedding photoshoot, or for the wedding day itself. But for vain nailist like me, I would definitely love to have something loud and attention seeking like super long nails and/or super bling bling and/or super ginormous 3D art? Hehehe. ❤

P/S: If you realize, I’m actually blogging during my lunch time lately bcos’ I have noooooo extra time to sit down and blog properly. Why so much things to do but so little time? I.totally.need.48 hours/day. ):