❼❶: Bowtie Nails Yet Again

Previously I did this similar set of nail art, but all art was hand drawn 2D nail art. Recently I decided I didn’t want to do so much freehand anymore bcos’ I suck at it and I don’t really like drawing, so I’m practicing more on something I love doing more – embossed nail arts. Modified the set for Regina and added lil’ embossed ribbons for her! Nowadays demand for gelish manicures are more bcos’ most customers want their pretty nails to last, doing gel manicure prevents chipping and it last up to 3 weeks or more if you’re super careful with your nails. Regina is one of my few customers who don’t do gel manicures as she can’t stand it when her nails grow out and had to remove and re-do a whole new set! ❤ She even plucked off her whole set of extensions just bcos’ she can’t stand the growth lol! Ladies, doing this will hurt your nails super badly so please do not try and do proper soak off!

Close up. Looking at the glossy finish I have to sidetrack a bit hehe – super hearts ❤ Seche Vite’s fast drying top coat! In the past, I have always been using Seche Vite’s, but switched to a few other brands due to the cost.. 1 big bottle of Seche Vite may cost up to SGD$90?! After trying various brands, I decided that none of it works magic like Seche Vite. It helps protect my designs and give it a glossy finish, surface dries almost instantly after application! The only bad point is that it air-dries quite easily and air bubbles are created while travelling (I bring them to flea very week), but if you don’t bring it out, a few drop of nail thinner/solvent will do the job!

Right hand is polka-dot themed, left is striped. Embossed bows on thumb and ringer fingernails. (:The pink bows. Playing around with my new colours bcos’ I bought 24 more colours of harmony’s acrylic powder! Woooohoooo ❤Shall blog about my loot in upcoming post, stay tuned (: