❼❷: My New Babies

Went to purchase more goodies with Joleen (Nail Cottage) last week! Cost a little bomb ☠ but my money was well spent!

I’ve already bought 12 basic colours of Harmony’s acrylic powder last time round but decided that I needed more colours to practice so I purchased another 24 more colours! That explains my new obsession with embossed art lately! Hehe 😀

The cute pastel colours ❤

New shimmery colours to be used for extensions! Can’t wait to try them out!! Gonna try shimmery extensions on myself maybe this week or something~

I also bought.. New Gelish colours – Candyland! ❤

Super hearts the colours! Gelish is at $26 now – for a limited time only! What are you waiting for? Call/SMS 97126428 to make your appointment now!

This wasn’t in my “to-buy-list” when I visited the store but these embellishments were too attention-catching and *bling bling* to miss! I swear the real pieces are at least 5 times more shiny than the below, had to rely on my super small and out of focus lamp to take the pictures because I could never find time to take good pictures during the day! Only bought 4 designs to try out, will get more if the response is good (:

Especially love this! ❤

I’m a happy girl now! ✌