❼❸: Updates On Nail Course

Our last nail art lesson was crazy, bcos’ it was free-hand nail art again! Sigh. Personally I prefer embossed art and drawing is so not my thing! Usually Joe will do a demo on the nail art and we had to replicate the design. We had to do dolphin, dragonfly and.. a 3D rose. It was crazy becos.. See below.

1. The dragonfly with horribly thin wings

2. Jumping dolphin

3. THE rose. Joe in the midst of doing demo. While drawing, he kept saying that it’s actually quite easy because you only have to draw a “rough sketch” first before adding in the colours. I almost wanted to kill myself -____-

Before adding the magic.

Painting guide.

After the final touch. T.T I can never do this, it’s so realistically painted.

And.. Our version of swordfish, housefly and maze. -_-

I promise to work harder T.T

On the other hand, we’re graduating in a month’s time! Uber elated bcos’ other full-time classmates have already graduated and taking their exams while we’re still having lessons..

Backlog of posts are piling up again.. -_- Will blog again soon!