❼❹: My nails

Lately I’ve been painting my nails with normal polishes bcos’ I decided that I’m too lazy to spend 15 – 20 minutes removing my gel nails. The average “lifespan” of my nail design is around 4-5 days, so it would be stupid to spend extra time just removing them. I would change them even more frequently if I had the time…..

My nails 2 weeks ago: Was playing around with my newly purchased acrylic powder and decided to create embossed art! Base was done with OPI Happy Anniversary and China Glaze For Audrey, nail art done with acrylic paint. Finally I sealed my design with multiple coats (lol) of Seche Vite top coat to protect my design. (But my embossed art started to drop after 4-5 days)

Right hand.

Left hand. I’m a rightie, so notice that my right nails are usually simpler than my left!

My nails 1 week ago: Easily removed my previous design as it was sealed with normal top coat. After my previous design I wanted to try something different, so I played around with this set of sweet nails – cake lace, candies and strawberry!

Before. Base done with China Glaze White On White, gradient effect sponged using OPI Need Sunglasses? and OPI Got A Date To-Knight. (Also my right nails becos’ I was too lazy to do something so complicated with my left -_-)

After. Lace looks easier than picture, basically using the same technique for embossed flower I learnt in school! But candies and strawberry was kinda fail though, totally wrong proportionate zz. Design was sealed with gel coat and this art lasted all the way until I removed it 2 days ago!

My nails now: Did this set of colour block leopard nails just 2 days ago! Had 2 weeks worth of embossed art so I changed to normal nail art. I finally got a chance to use my stripe stickers and I’m in love with it. I love how it completes the final look of this design (: Not an easy design to do as I had to consider which colour to paint on first, which portion to paint half or a quarter so that the light base is before the dark colours. In total I spent around 2hrs on this design!

I painted the lightest colour first using OPI Princess Rule, followed by OPI Japanese Rose Garden, OPI Malaga Wine and China Glaze Jet Black.

My right hand. I always have a hard time doing my right nails zz, gotta need more practice!
My left (:

My toenails: Did them with AnGel Pro Gelly polish bcos’ I’m not planning to remove them until I feel like it. My last gel toenails lasted me for 2 months before I got irritated with the growth. LOL.

And after this late night pedi experience I decided that I wouldn’t be doing embossed art on my toenails in the near future, ached all over after this set of art -_-

P/S: Combined the posts together bcos’ I didn’t have enough time to blog.. Still in the midst of clearing my backlog. Give me a lil’ more time ladies!