❼❼: Pink Infatuation

Did a series of Pink nails lately hence the combination of the below!

1. Stripes and lace

Kelly wanted something lacey, so she chose from 2 of my designs and had them combined as 1! Sticker lace on the ring and thumb fingernails, and hand-drawn lace on the rest.

She has really long and slender fingers hence making this design so demure with a hidden sexy tinge!

Reallyyyyyyy love this hot pink pastel shade from AnGel Pro!

Thanks to the feedback that my customers have been giving me, nail art was drawn using gel instead of acrylic paint so that it will last until removal. No matter how layers of top coat I applied onto, the tips will always chip if painted with acrylic. The lace was drawn using acrylic though as I want the lines of the lace to look stronger and fierce to bring out the look. And it usually don’t have chipping problems at the middle of the nail.

2. French with swirled roses

For her friend, we did french floral with lace! I added 2 embossed ribbon for her thumb and ring fingernails, and sticker lace on the rest. Initially she showed me a similar design, the rose was hand drawn instead of swirled roses but I thought it looked more feminine with swirled one.


3. Pink Rocketeer

Up next is my favorite customer, Sharon! Bcos’ she has got the best nails out of all the nails I did! She chose this set of rockstar nails, and again requested for it to be done in pink. I suggest she go for hot pink since she always chose light and baby pink colours!

Close up. Nail art was drawn using acrylic paint to show the sharp edges of the star.