❼❽: Nail art III – 3D nail art & Design Sculpture

What we learnt during our last few lessons were: creating 3D nail art using acrylic powder + monomer, and design sculpture.

For those who’re unsure, the correct term for the usual ribbon/flowers I do are called embossed nail art and not 3D nail art. You can only call it a 3D nail art when it’s so humongous! The below illustrates 3D nail art:

After sculpturing it on the back of nail form, remove it and glue onto your own nail. But of cos’ we don’t usually do it bigger than the customer’s nail bed so that it wouldn’t look too exaggerated. 

Also learnt how to sculpture a flower. 

And the leaf! I know it looks like Plasticine right LOL

An idea struck me to re-create it as a ring! Will do so when available, sounds fun just by the thought of it!

Our work!

The next lesson was on design sculpture – we learnt how to sculpture this gorgeous flower and inlay! I love how it looks so 3D-ish even when doing inlay. Of cos it requires skills like Joe to achieve that.. -_-

Joe also demo-ed a 2-toned colour sculpture on a classmate.

After the demo we were supposed to try it out on our own and I thought I did horrendous. So early next morning, I did a full set of extensions with flower inlay for myself! I think I spent 3hours on one hand itself.. Couldn’t do my right properly so I got PS to help me with it hehehe. Life rocks when your bf can do your nails for you! 😀

And that was the condition of my nails due to doing embossed art with normal polish base. Uber sad but a lesson learnt, so I had the stain filed them off and now my nails are ultra weak and thin. But whatever hahaha.

Before. (I know the background is weird, I took this picture at the edge of the window to show the yellow-ness of the stain hahaha)

After filing and cleaning of cuticles! Very clean but ultra weak zzzz.

After a painful 3hours here’s the end result..

Extension base was done with Harmony’s light pink glitter dust, hence the pink hue at the tip! FYI I’m still wearing this set of nails now. Super love it please!

Side view – the arch. When attending acrylic extension lessons, we were taught that a good extension should have a nice c-curve and arch. It should bulge in the middle and thin down at the tip as this will create the strongest nail combination so that it wouldn’t break nor chip.

Lastly, shall end off this post with this set of cute Avengers nail my sis did! Super cute and she’s wearing 10 Captain America on her nails now lol!