❽❸: Extensions and.. locked doors

Su came over early that morning to get her nails done, she wanted to do gel overlay because gelish are not strong enough to prevent her nails from chipping, yes chip of her real nails. FYI, gelish are very soft gel which can be soak off easily, so even if you have strong nails, there is still a possibility for the nails to chip if you’re not careful. On the other hand, nails overlay-ed with gel or acrylic are virtually impossible to chip or break because the structure of gel/acrylic is super strong (if you do it correctly and also depending customer’s nail care). I mean, if you think that having overlay/extensions = having metal nails and you can do whatever you want to it, of cos’ it wouldn’t withstand the pressure right?! Like for instance doing some acts with your extensions but something that you will never do with your real nails, e.g. opening of bottles, cans, locked door, etc. (Yes I included locked door because I attempted to open the door inside out with my extensions -_- can’t believe I did that sigh. And yes my extensions tore out of my real nail bed and it hurts like mad, please don’t try -_-)

Su’s an air stewardess who needs to be washing her hands very regularly while on duty, hence she requested for traditional gel/acrylic overlay to prevent chipping. I did acrylic instead of gel overlay, reason being, I think I’m better in acrylic than gel hehe. The below was sculptured with Harmony’s acrylic powder.



Yay to nail extensions! 😀

On a side note, I was actually quite sick that day and PS was doing his reservist so I wanted to cancel this appointment. Texted to inform her about it, however I didn’t want to disappoint her so I tried finding a replacement manicurist. I was desperate, I started texting my PinkRoom classmates, and even asked Ying and Felicia to check if they’re able to take over the appointment but they all had their own.. (It was early in the morn like 7am so I didn’t dare to call them T.T) Su wanted to get her nails done for her son’s birthday and she’s flying off the next day, so eventually I told Su to stick to the plan. I was in a super bad condition and feeling horrible so the results were bad, I told her that honestly and had to charge her lesser. I must say, It was a torturous 2hrs. No it’s not about her, it’s an enjoyable session with Su but I felt really bad and sorry as I knew that I wasn’t on my best. Sometimes, you just can’t control when you’ll fall sick, but one thing I learnt from this job is to keep a positive attitude and always try your best to produce the best result no matter under what circumstance! That’s what keeping me going.