❽❹ Angel Pro Tutorial: How to create checkered nail art using gel polish

Thanks to the recent technology on gel bottled polishes, we have more customers ditching normal polish and switching to gel polish! Yay to no chips! To answer some of your queries, we decided to put up a tutorial and also to explain on the steps we do while applying gel! The steps differ slightly from the usual classic manicure/pedicure.. Will elaborate further below. (Warning: This is going to be a lengthy and pictury post, scroll all the way down for summary hahaha. But read on for additional tips!)

(Techniques learnt from PinkRoom Nail Academy)


➀ Remove any existing polish. Wipe off oil remains using lint free cotton soaked with acetone, this is to prevent lifting as gel is sensitive to oil and is more likely to lift if there’re oil particles.

(Note: Got my sis as my nail model and she had on gelish hence the surface is a lil’ uneven after removal )

➁ File and buff to customer’s desired shape.

➃ Pushing of cuticles. While doing gel manicures, we’re only allowed to execute dry pushing, no we’re not trying to save time or cleaning it sloppily. We only do wet manicures (i.e. soaking of hand in hand bowl) when doing classic manicure. Reason being, doing dry pushing prevents fungus growth, they’re more likely to grow underneath gel if water particles are found in your nail! Even after drying your nails after a wet manicure, I’m confident enough to say that it will not be completely dry and it encourages fungus growth! Notice that quite a lot of salons do wet manicures when doing gelish, if you happen to visit a salon that does that, stop them and request for a dry push instead. Important tips for your own knowledge.

➄ Offshine. Using a block buffer or 180 grit file, lightly offshine nail surface. The purpose of offshining is to prevent lifting, generally gel is sensitive to smooth surfaces and may lift easily without this step. Note: do not offshine too roughly, it will hurt your nails, would only need to remove any smooth surface on nail.

➅ Dehydrate (Optional). Further dehydrate nails to make sure that there’re no oil remains on nails.

Application + nail art

➆ Apply a thin layer of base coat.

Remember to seal the free edge to prevent chipping.

➇: Cure for 10 seconds (LED). I’m using an 6W LED lamp (bought if from Ying hehe) Cure for 30 seconds if using 36W UV lamp.

➈: Polishing. (Optional: Add a layer of glitter polish before base colour) Paint customer’s nails using any colour of her choice, here I’m using Angel Pro Gelly No 3 nude shade. Only painted 3/4 as we’re creating an ombre effect

➉ Using a sponge, tap lightly to smooth-en harsh line and create gradient effect.

➀➀ Cure again. For colour shades, cure for 30 seconds if using LED, or 2 minutes if using UV.

➀➁ Paint another layer and sponge the harsh line before curing for another 30 seconds. (Steps 9 – 11)

Nail art

➀➂a) Using a detailing nail art brush, draw a small rectangular box in the middle just at the edge of the gradient. I’m using Angel Pro Gelly No 30 to draw the nail art. No need to worry about the polish drying up and screwing up the strokes, gel polishes do not air-dry and will only dry after curing under a UV/LED lamp. I’ve tried other brands of gel polishes and none of them works like Angel Pro when it comes to drawing detailed nail art, look at how opaque and clear each strokes are! I never used to draw nail art using gel polishes bcos’ I didn’t like the soft and shady effect, which tends to “melt” away after curing. Unlike them, Angel Pro polishes creates a strong and defined colour which enhances nail art drawn. The only thing that I don’t fancy is the colours are quite limited, there’re only available in pastel shades for now but I’m sure they’ll be coming out with new colours soon!

➀➂b) Fill in all the rest of the boxes, align and leave a space in between each boxes.

➀➂c) Lightly create strokes in between the empty spaces.

➀➂d) Fill in the strokes and add in glitter.

➀➃: Apply a layer of gel top coat to seal and protect the design before curing for another 10 seconds. (30 sec for UV)

➀➄: Cleanse. Remove the sticky layer using a lint free cotton soaked with cleansing alcohol.

➀➅: Lastly, apply cuticle oil along cuticle line for moisturizing effect. Here I’m using my all time favorite from China Glaze because it smells like berry! 😀

And voilà, the completed look! (Did marbling nail art on the thumb and ring nails so it wouldn’t look so boring and plain hehe!)

I know it’s quite a lengthy and wordy post, so I created a small summary on how to apply gel polish, and also how to create checkered nail art. Please note that you’ll have to cure every time you apply a layer to dry it, didn’t include the curing part after base coat bcos’ it should be known to all!

I really hope this post helps nail lovers out there who bought gel polishes to DIY! (:

P/S: All pictures are taken using PS’s new Samsung S3, I’m in love with the effect it created. The colours are so rich it fully captures the true colour! Boo to iPhone, I’m so switching to S3!!!

P/P/S: Can you believe that the pictures were taken by me and my sis only? While being my nail model, she helped me with the pictures while I position the phone on my end. Hahahahahaha we’re too good in doing this kinda thing