❾❂: Rilakkuma Nails

Happy Saturday! Special thanks to Joleen who helped collect my nail stickers Ying got for me when she’s in Hong Kong, love both of them to bits! ❤ Added a few more designs to my nail stickers collection.. I don’t used nail stickers in the past (when everyone was still doing normal polish and not gel) bcos’ it wouldn’t last and there will be this bulging feel even with multiple coats of top coat. But even since we started doing gel, nail stickers are much more convenient, pretty, and wouldn’t drop off easily as it’s embedded in gel! ☺

But the problem is.. Such nail stickers can’t be found in Singapore! I always have to trouble my dear friends to get them for me while they’re overseas (usually Hong Kong, Japan and Korea) ✈ And it’s not cheap either.. Spent SGD$100++ during my last purchase. A little bomb to pay for gorgeous nail stickers that can’t be found in Singapore! (Not even online)

And so, on the same day I got my hands on these stickers, I gave up waiting for my healthy nails to grow out. My nails are in super super super super bad condition due to my itchy hands plucking off acrylic extensions on raw nails.. It looks even worse in real bcos it’s like paper-thin. Actually doing extensions wouldn’t really damage your nails, I have customers doing extensions all the time but nail condition not THIS bad. Anyhow, just.do.not.Fing.pluck.off.your.extensions. Reiterated umpteenth time bcos’ it really hurts your poor nails. ☹

Yep, after transformation.. I know they’re very short bcos’ the edges kept chipping as it’s way too thin ☹ Base done with AngelPro Gelly 8 and white (I can’t remember the number!)

With the super cute stickers!

My first try on embossed Rila, not easy bcos’ it’s very challenging to even pick up a right size ball before sculpturing! Gotta practice more..