❾❷: Disco Polka Dot

Ching did this set of simple polka dot nails for her HK trip! Half moon with angel pro gelly black base, added colourful polka dots and lined with alternate gold and silver disco flakes. Also added 3D nail stickers on the thumb to add a lil’ cuteness to the design (:

Love this look! Simple and looks great on short nails too!

Sorry the lightning was too bright.. Polka dots also done with gel. I used to do polka dots in arcylic paint as my UV lamp can never cure them fast enough leaving them looking “crumpled” even after curing for 4 minutes, but the problem with acrylic paint was that it will tend to chip if I put on too much paint and too little top coat! But this problem was solved after I switched to LED, no more “design crumpling” yay!

Close up.