About Us & Map

Being a regular customer of manicures & nail art, I picked up some skills while having them done at salons. Hence I started experimenting nail designs by google-ing & youtube-ing, gradually I became better and started experimenting nail designs on my friends and recently started providing manicure services at flea markets and my home occasionally. (Refer to map below)

My bf, PS, is very supportive of what I’m doing and both of us had just started our lesson at The Pink Room. This blog records our nail journey from nobody to a professional manicurist! (:

Read about our workplace here!


After alighting atTampines mrt, walk over to the interchange and take a feeder service (bus 29, 28 or 293) over to my place.

Note: There are two 293 available, be sure to take the correct one else you’ll end up at the wrong part of Tampines! Take the one that is towards st 43 (it is just beside 22 and 65) and not st 81.

Alight at the 3rd stop, cross the road and walk straight in to find Blk 437.

(Click to enlarge)

Otherwise if you have bus 8, 18, 19, 21, 37, 38, 81 near you, you can also alight at bus stop 76211 or 76219. It will take a 10 minutes walk to reach my place.