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Payment to be transferred to POSB or OCBC only.
POSB savings: 247-67573-6
OCBC account: 641-262399-001


Normal postage: $1.50
Registered postage: normal postage + $2.50


1. Rhinestones – clear

a) Size: 3mm

b) Size: 2.5mm

c) Size: 2mm

d) Size: 1.5mm (Iridescent – different from above)

Taken with flash to show the Iridescent side of the rhinestones!2. Rhinestones – other colours

a) Sweet Pink – 2mm

b) Cherry pop pink – 2.5mm

c) Sunshine Yellow – 2.5mmd) Peach – 2.5mme) Leaf green – 2.5mmf) Azure Blue – 2.5mmg) Mixed – 3mm

3. Tear drop Rhinestones

a) Sweet Pink
b) Olive Greenc) Light Puced) Asparagus e) Tiffany Blue
f) Leaf Green

4. Glitter flakes*

Colours available: Silver, Dim Gray, Tufts Blue, Deep Sky Blue, Olive Green, Leaf Green, Crimson, Lavender, Electric Purple, Gold, Metallic Gold, Chocolate Brown

5. Glitter*

White, Silver, Dim Gray, Seal Brown, Gold, Amber Gold
Chestnut, Crimson, Ruby, Red-Violet

Carolina Blue, Azure Blue, Nightsky Blue, Lime Green, Apple Green, Leaf Green

*Combination of glitter and glitter flakes for 3 bottles is allowed.

**Colours may differ slightly due to different computer monitor calibration.