❼❷: My New Babies

Went to purchase more goodies with Joleen (Nail Cottage) last week! Cost a little bomb ☠ but my money was well spent! I’ve already bought 12 basic colours of Harmony’s acrylic powder last time… Continue reading

❼❶: Bowtie Nails Yet Again

Previously I did this similar set of nail art, but all art was hand drawn 2D nail art. Recently I decided I didn’t want to do so much freehand anymore bcos’ I suck… Continue reading

❼✪: Bridal Nail Set

Did this set of lacy nails for Jingli for her upcoming wedding photoshoot! Very simple and elegant sticker lace with pink and white base. ♡ Base colours used are ACG glisten and Harmony’s Sleek… Continue reading

❻❾: Playing with colours

Did a few super cuteeeeeee nail art on our last flea with Nails Cottage! This set of Hello Kitty nail art belongs to a JC student, yes she’s still schooling and she decided… Continue reading

❻❽: My guinea pigs

In PinkRoom, all students have to attend self-study lessons to be eligible for the exam. The purpose is to make sure that we have sufficient practice beforehand so as to not flunk the… Continue reading

❻❼: Candy galaxy nails

Did this set of candy galaxy nails for my sissy! Her nails are long and slender I feel like eating her pink nails LOLL. Design done with Harmony breast cancer awareness collection &… Continue reading

❻❻: Secret Garden

Tried out this super pretty nail stickers Ying (Nailartexpress) got for me while she was in HK! Super egg-cited to try out the stickers so I got my mom as my guinea pig… Continue reading

❻❺: Candylicious nails

I always enjoy doing nails for Sharon because out of all my customers, she has the prettiest nails ever. By prettiest, I mean from her long and slender hands/fingers to her perfect c-curve… Continue reading

❻❹: Ribbon on leopard

Super delayed post, did this design for over a month but I didn’t have time to sit down and blog properly. Was so busy with work, school, and everything else….. Aik Leng and… Continue reading

❻❸: What are nail extensions/overlay/Infills?

A lot of girls step into a nail salon, look at the service menu and go “what’s overlay?” or “I want to do extensions but idk to choose from gel or acrylic”. I… Continue reading