❻❷: 600th like

Yes free giveaways again!❤ We’ll be providing 2 free nail arts or 10% discount off total bill* for ladies who like and share this blog post/status! How to be eligible? 1. “like” and… Continue reading

❻❶: Simple half-moon nails

Pauline wanted a set of half-moon nails with glitter flakes lining, but fearing it might drop I changed it to polka dots for her instead! Added glitter base for her before I drew… Continue reading

❻✪: Ribbon-love Nails

My first customer for a full set of nail sculpture extension is – MY MOM! ♥ Okay, not really my customer but more of like my guinea pig lol! But the end result was so good I… Continue reading

❺❾: Half-moon lace nails

Valerie wanted something lacey so she decided to do something similar from Nail Max – half moon design with sticker lace. She chose my new gelly colour from AnGel Pro, isn’t this lavender colour sweet???Close-up.… Continue reading

❺❽: French ribbon nails

Natalie drop by just now to get gelish-ed! She decided on something different, that is to had on a lighter shade of blue as french tip and azure blue as the base! Also… Continue reading

❺❼: Glitter lace nails

Shirley was one of the 3 lucky winners during our free gelish giveaway to celebrate our 500 facebook likes! However she stays in the west and is inconvenient for her to come all… Continue reading

❺❻: Items for sale

Hi ladies, we’ve added a new “Items for sales” tab! Do check out the link here for the available products! For nail rhinestones, be rest assured that these are good quality rhinestones that… Continue reading

❺❺: Flea above @ *Scape Sky Terrace

Hi ladies, after so long, we’ll be at *Scape flea again next week! Super excited as we finally managed to squeeze out time to attend flea markets yay!! Do note that it’s no… Continue reading

❺❹: Minnie mouse nails

Michelle requested for hand-drawn ribbons on her nails and this was what I did for her!Both of us agreed that it resembles minnie mouse after adding in the polka dots. Super cute design… Continue reading

❺❸: Jolin inspired crown nails!

So, Zoey chose this design she saw on Jolin Hsieh and requested for the same set! I literally had the same emoticon -> -_-” when I saw the below picture. To me, this… Continue reading