❺❷: Gothic Contrast Nails

Did this set of Gothic nails for Zhilin the other day! Very shimmery base colour from China Glaze, which matches black polish so well! (Yes this is a super delayed post as I… Continue reading

❺❶: The Red & Pink

Rong Rong and her sis pop by last weekend to get their nails done! And here’s what I did for them. Rong Rong chosen random designs from my template with red base, which… Continue reading

❺✪: Extravagant Leopard!

Did this set of super loud leopard print nails for Angeline on Fri! I’ve been doing too many leopard nails so we decided to change the design so it wouldn’t look too boring.… Continue reading

❹❾: 500th like!

Okay,  so.it’s.our. I know it’s a baby step to being reputable and successful in nail industry and the likes doesn’t really mean 500 sincere nail lovers but IT REALLY MEAN A LOT TO ME… Continue reading

❹❽: Embossed Ribbon Nails

Did nails for Regina on Sunday and it took her 1 classic manicure + 1 classic pedicure to decide on the design she want! She ended up choosing this design from Nail Max… Continue reading

❹❼: Sweet Lace Nails

Kelly popped by on Sun to get gelish nails! She requested for lace nails as she really like lace~ Was very stressed while drawing the lace as she mentioned that her previous one… Continue reading

❹❻: Sweet Valentine & The Cutest Lil’ Thing ♪

Even though I have quite a few range of OPI/China Glaze/Gelish colours, I didn’t have the chance of using all of them cos’ I’ll ended up painting the same colours I like! (i.e.… Continue reading

❹❺: The Pink & Red CNY – Final

So, I finally had time to sit down and blog properly with the CNY nails pictures because I’m on MC today OPPS HEHE. My lips are swollen thanks to too much fried food… Continue reading

❹❹: CNY 2

Yesterday was red polish day, lol. Did the same kind of red polish for 3 persons continuously lol. First customer was Gwen who requested for Cnyful nails’s design but changed the chanel at the middle… Continue reading

❹❸: CNY 1

Started our first day for CNY appointment yesterday! Scroll down for more pictures (: Celesta and her mom were our first 2 customers of the day! 😀 She chose the ribbon polka dot… Continue reading