❶❷: Yixin’s 3D butterfly ribbon

Helped Yixin did 3D ribbon and french polka dot for her! I find that french polka dot matches everything, it helps to soften the whole set of nails and add in a tinge… Continue reading

❶❶: Finally had time to do my nails!

Hadn’t had time to do my own nails as I was sooooo busy working, studying, preparing for birthdays/weddings, doing nails for others, etc.. Last week I had a 1 week break from my schools hence I finally have time… Continue reading

❿: For my cousin’s wedding (:

Girls always come up with an excuse to do fanciful nails, e.g. other people’s wedding. Lol! My mom and sis booked me today so they can do pedi and have pretty toenails for… Continue reading

❾: Busy like a bumble bee

Hi guys! Back from the flea market today, business was better than usual maybe due to the long weekend so I had to reject so many customers ): Very tiring day today but… Continue reading

❽: Weekly nail art

Hi guys! As I don’t really have time to blog daily or once per every nail art done, I’ll try to update at least once per week! Here’s this week’s! Sharon’s polka dot… Continue reading

❼: Space 12 Flea @ *Scape – 5th Nov

Hi guys! I’ll be at *Scape flea this coming Saturday offering manicure service together with Indulgescenes who will be selling brand new dresses at only $10! A few other friends will also be selling… Continue reading

❻: Flea with Mynt!

Hi guys! Hadn’t been updating this space for quite awhile due to my hectic schedule. Sigh.. Anyway, partnered with Mynt today at *Scape flea market today! Had quite a bit of customers requesting… Continue reading

❺: Flea Market @ *Scape

Hi guys! I’ll be at *Scape flea together with Mynt this Sat offering manicure services! Express manicure @ $5, nail art from $0.50/nail onwards. Mynt will be offering gelish manicure at only $30!… Continue reading

❹: My hardworking bf ♥

Check out this scene. Pengs applying nail polish on Geok just now omg! Lol. He’s trying to put what he learnt into use, finally!End result = need more practice! Lol but first try… Continue reading

❸: Lesson 4 – Polishing

Setting up the table to prepare for class! Mr peng trying to look sexay in his pink apron.He say shorter more sexay. Want to seduce who?!Me in my pink apron~!Today’s lesson is on… Continue reading